Great design happens only with passion,
intelligence and, above all,
personal commitment.


Italian design studio with professional experience in industrial production (furniture, light, consumer electronics), artisanal production (limited series, one-off for private clients) and graphic design (logo, brand identity, editorial).

Proven knowledge of working with different materials as wood, glass, ceramic, metal production and plastic mouldings (injection, roto etc.) through several developed projects.

Our design has poetic element that expresses both functionality and aesthetic.

We develop projects that reflects the company identity and qualities.



as assistan designer


Marco De Masi Designer
industrial designer

Marco De Masi

I improved my human and work experiences, working between social business activities, ONLUS and collaborations with design studios, companies and artisans. Through these activities I’ve been published on ADI Index, I participated in the Compasso d’Oro, and, as assistant designer,  I’ve won the German Design Award, the European Design Award and the IDA 2018.

My design process goal is always to offer a project content with a strong communicative characteristics. For that reason, my starting point is the concept, I develop that through whole design stages  studying the most innovative features and paying the best attention to construction details.

My design process, inspired by simplicity and guided by the right poetics, seeks metaphors that can emphasize the functions and the qualities of each product.
It’s a must for me developing the design through the entire creative process starting from the concept, using preparatory drawings, mock-ups and prototypes. I love work inside factories and laboratories for the project optimization. By being in close contact and listening to the workers and artisans the product can be developed following the technical needs and production requirements.