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Dyslexia Scotland, a pioneering organization, has launched an innovative campaign that challenges the widely held negative perception of Comic Sans. Contrary to popular belief, this infamous font has been found to aid individuals with Dyslexia in reading more effectively. The campaign serves as an open encouragement to type designers to reconsider their approach to typography, aiming to enhance legibility for people with Dyslexia. As part of this groundbreaking initiative, Dyslexia Scotland introduces Inconstant Regular, a free Dyslexia friendly font.

In a world where typography plays a significant role in communication, it is crucial to ensure that everyone can access information with ease. Dyslexia, a learning difference that affects reading and writing abilities, presents unique challenges for individuals. However, Dyslexia Scotland has shed light on an unexpected ally: Comic Sans.
Contrary to its reputation as a “childish” or “unprofessional” font, Comic Sans has been found to enhance readability for Dyslexic readers. Its irregular letterforms and exaggerated shapes provide distinct visual cues that help differentiate letters, reducing confusion and improving comprehension.
Dyslexia Scotland’s campaign serves as a wake-up call to type designers worldwide. It urges them to reconsider the conventional norms of typography and embrace innovative approaches that prioritize legibility for Dyslexic individuals. By broadening the design perspective and acknowledging the needs of this specific audience, type designers can make a significant impact on inclusivity and accessibility.
As part of their campaign, Dyslexia Scotland has released Inconstant Regular, a free Dyslexia friendly font. Designed with input from individuals with Dyslexia, this font features subtle modifications that improve readability. By utilizing Inconstant Regular, individuals with Dyslexia can experience a more comfortable reading experience, helping them overcome barriers and access information effortlessly.

Dyslexia Scotland’s campaign challenges preconceived notions about Comic Sans and highlights its potential to assist individuals with Dyslexia in reading more effectively. It calls for a collective effort from type designers to prioritize legibility and inclusivity

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