Make it simple, but significant


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Design can be a powerful tool for good. Mariam Kamara

In the words of Mariam Kamara, “Design can be a powerful tool for good.” At its core, design is about problem-solving and creating solutions that improve people’s lives. Whether it’s designing sustainable buildings, creating accessible products, or developing technologies that benefit society, design has the potential to make a positive...

Kuto’s feelings

Meet Kuto, the unique and adorable NFT character that can express a wide range of emotions! 😍 From amusement to terror, Kuto has it all! Get your hands on a Kuto NFT and own a one-of-a-kind collectible that is sure to inspire and delight. #UniqueCollectible #EmotionalRange

Show your art! Austin Kleon

Creativity needs courage! Show Your Work, by Austin Kleon will give you the confidence you need to share your ideas with the world 🀩 #showyourwork #creativejourney #austinkleon πŸ“š πŸ“–