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Wennovo‘s logo design perfectly represents the company’s mission to digitize the construction industry and offer clients transparency, security, and reliability. The logo uses a house icon and a mouse cursor placed atop the name to convey the concept of matching house renovation with the digital world and symbolizes the company’s technological prowess.

Overall, Wennovo’s logo is a modern, professional, and memorable design that sets the company apart from the competition. It effectively communicates the company’s values in a clear and concise way, highlighting its focus on digitizing the worksite.

Client: Wennovo
Year: 2022
Type: Graphic
Product: Branding

Wennovo’s logo perfectly captures the company’s innovative approach to digitizing the construction industry. The logo design executes the concept of matching house renovation with the digital world in a brilliant way, using a digital font and a clean, simple design that creates a modern and professional feel.

The blue and orange color palette of the logo is both calming and sophisticated, conveying trust and reliability – key attributes that Wennovo aims to provide to its customers. The blue color symbolizes the vastness of the digital world and the transparency that Wennovo promises, while the orange color represents energy, innovation, and creativity.

The use of these colors in the logo creates a dynamic and memorable visual impact, reflecting the company’s focus on modernizing and digitizing the construction industry.

Overall, Wennovo’s logo design is an excellent representation of the company’s mission and values, and it effectively communicates the company’s cutting-edge approach to construction management.