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Make it simple, but significant

“Make it simple, but significant” – Don Draper. A great reminder to strive for simplicity in our work 💼 while still making it meaningful and impactful. #DonDraper #ProfessionalDevelopment #SimplicityInWork

Steal like an artist!

For anyone looking to unlock their creativity in the digital age, “Steal Like an Artist” is a must-read. 📚 The book presents 10 transformative principles that will help you discover your artistic side, follow your passions and build a more creative life. #StealLikeAnArtist #CareerDevelopment #CreativityAtWork

Portfolio preview – Lilin part2

📄 Introducing the Lilin Collection 💎 – the epitome of sophistication and elegance in hospitality furniture design. Our studio is proud to present this collection created for SNS Design and contract furniture which includes a sofa, armchair, dinner chair, lounge chair, bar stool, table, and coffee table, all characterized by...