Wennovo behind the scene


We believe that the perfect logo design not only looks great, but also reflects a company’s values and mission. Our innovative logo does just that, with its clean design and use of blue and orange colors. The blue symbolizes the transparency and vastness of the digital world that we promise to our clients, while the orange represents the energy, innovation, and creativity that we embody.
The house icon in our logo represents our focus on digitizing the worksite, while the mouse cursor symbolizes our technological expertise. We chose a digital font and a simple, clean design to reflect our cutting-edge approach to construction management.
Behind the scenes, the creation of our logo involved a lot of sketches and brainstorming sessions. We wanted our logo to be modern, professional, and memorable, and we believe that we’ve achieved that with our final design.
Overall, our logo is a perfect representation of our mission to digitize the construction industry and provide our clients with transparency, security, and reliability. It sets us apart from the competition and communicates our values in a clear and concise way.

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