Wennovo logo design


The construction industry has long been associated with traditional practices, but Wennovo is changing that. With its innovative approach to digitizing the worksite, Wennovo is revolutionizing the construction industry, making it more efficient, transparent, and reliable.
The perfect logo design is not only visually appealing, but it also reflects a company’s values and mission. The logo for Wennovo does just that, capturing the company’s innovative approach to digitizing the construction industry with its clean design and use of blue and orange color palette.
The blue color symbolizes the vastness of the digital world and the transparency that Wennovo promises to its clients. On the other hand, the orange color represents energy, innovation, and creativity – qualities that Wennovo embodies. Together, these colors create a dynamic and memorable visual impact that reflects the company’s focus on modernizing and digitizing the construction industry.
The house icon represents the company’s focus on digitizing the worksite, while the mouse cursor symbolizes the company’s technological prowess. The use of a digital font and a simple, clean design creates a modern and professional feel that reflects the company’s cutting-edge approach to construction management.
Overall, the logo design for Wennovo is a perfect representation of the company’s mission to digitize the construction industry and provide its clients with transparency, security, and reliability. It is a modern, professional, and memorable design that sets Wennovo apart from the competition and communicates the company’s values in a clear and concise way.

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